Curator Interview with actress and director, Sara Sugarman

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

On 11 April 2021, co-curators Issy and Hannah had the honour of interviewing Sara Sugarman, who played the role of Naomi in Jack Gold's 1987 film, Escape from Sobibor. Having formerly published an interview with Hartmut Becker, who portrayed the sadistic SS deputy commander Gustav Wagner, we have been very keen to discuss this film with the cast of the production. The character of Naomi is deported to the camp with a new born baby, and though the prisoners try to hide the infant, Wagner finds it, stating – “There are no babies in Sobibor”. He offers Naomi a chance to live, but she resists and stands up to Wagner, resulting in him tragically killing both her and the child in one of the most dramatic scenes of the film.

Sara Sugarman is a Welsh actress and director. She is known for films including House of Versace (2013), Vinyl (2012), Very Annie Mary (2001) and Sid and Nancy (1986). In the following discussion, Sara lovingly recalls her time filming Escape from Sobibor in former Yugoslavia, alongside survivors of the uprising who served as consultants on set, whilst also reflecting on her own Jewish identity and growing up with the presence of the Holocaust within her own family.

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