The final escape scene from Sobibór

Sobibór on the Screen

Cinematic Representations

of a Nazi Death Camp



Welcome to the online exhibition, ‘Sobibór on the Screen: Cinematic Representations of a Nazi Death Camp’.

This exhibition will provide you with background information about the former Nazi death camp Sobibór in Eastern Poland, including the history and public memory. It will also inform you about the significant prisoner revolt that took place there on 14th October 1943. Following on from this, you will then find sections dedicated to a selection of films in which Sobibór death camp, and the developments of the uprising, have been represented. We explore the narrative and impact of these films, and how they helped to spread knowledge of this lesser known aspect of Holocaust history. The films include: the television special Escape from Sobibór, Claude Lanzmann’s documentaries Shoah, Sobibór, 14 october 1943, 4 p.m., and Shoah: The Four Sisters, and the recent Russian film, Sobibór.

Escape from Sobibór film (Credit: Blatt Family Archive)

Escape from Sobibór film (Courtesy of the Blatt Family Archive)

For many, awareness of Sobibór, its victims and the story of the uprising has been accessed via these cinematic representations. The aim of this exhibition is to outline the significance of these, and how they were received or framed within the socio-political time of their production and release. We provide both positive attributes and critiques, as well as our own understanding of the films, which we hope will allow for further thought and debate for our visitors. The views and opinions expressed on all pages of this exhibition are those of the authors alone.

Alongside the main exhibition material, we also have a page for our blog, where individuals from around the world have published material linked to the story of Sobibór. If you would like to contribute towards this blog, do let us know through the contact page. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the exhibition, so please do leave any feedback on the guestbook page. Finally, we would like to thank the SWWDTP, who very kindly funded this exhibition for us. On behalf of the curators, Isabel Sawkins and Hannah Wilson, we hope you enjoy exploring our page.

Sobibór on the Screen

Sobibór on the Screen

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Camp History

Public memory of Sobibór


Film and the Holocaust


Shoah and Sobibór, 14 october 1943, 4 p.m.

Escape from Sobibór

Shoah: The Four Sisters



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We would like to thank several people for their invaluable help with this project:

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This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of all those who suffered at Sobibór death camp, and the family members who seek to preserve their legacy.